Copper Circle Statement Necklace


Add to CartThis is part of my new antique copper collection. The simplistic artistic design catches your attention. The focal pendant is made from solid textured copper with a handmade chain and clasp. Warm rich earth tones bring out the beauty of the copper. Circles have so much meaning from wholeness, infinity, completeness, eternity, protection and more. The circle is all around us and when you see a circle there is a feeling of wholeness. I love circular and geometric shapes and often have them in my jewelry designs. It’s very organic by nature.

This statement necklace can go with any outfit. It’s length makes it easy to wear and the rich copper color allows you to feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. The necklace measures 18 1/2″ including focal pendant which is 3.5 inch circumference. The necklace is finished with natural bee and carnauba waxes. Gift box included.