Hand Forged Brass Teardrop Earrings


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I’ve always loved hand forged jewelry. There is something very natural and organic about it. This modern yet ancient style makes these earrings perfect for any occasion dressed up or down. I imagine I would be an artisan in any era. These are a classic design. They are glamorous and sway as you move.

These hand forged gold brass teardrop earrings are earthy, elegant and sophisticated. ¬†Earrings measure 5.5 cm. (2.16 inches) from top of ear wires to bottom of drops. Brass teardrops are 1.5 inches long. The brass teardrops are hand cut and textured for an organic look and feel so each pair is unique. Handcrafted brass French ear wires finish this design. Earrings are lightweight and won’t weigh down your ears. Free shipping, gift box included.

Brass Open Spiral Earrings


Add to CartBrass open spiral earrings. Handcrafted brass spiral motifs on handmade ear wires. Open spirals are diamond textured. I call these my yin-yang earrings. Opposite yet interconnected so that one can fit opposite in the other. Cool huh? Chic earrings at an affordable price. Gift box included.

Hematite Brass Wire Hoop Earrings


Add to CartHematite stone brass wire hoop earrings. Hematite stone beads wrapped in brass wire make these cute earrings a great find. The brass wire, ear wires, bead wraps and attachment rings are completely handmade. I prefer to handcraft all of my jewelry components so I can assure the quality. I’ve been trying out some new styles and I really love these. The fine brass wire is delicate yet durable. Hematite is called the blood stone because of the red iron deposits. It’s been used in jewelry for centuries. As you can see from the handcrafted design, these earrings could have been worn a thousand years ago. That’s what I like about my style of jewelry. Earrings measure 1.5 inches long. Oh so pretty. Gift box included. Free Shipping.

Copper Brass Spiral Earrings


Add to CartHandmade ancient copper spirals on handcrafted brass ear wires. What can I say about these earrings. They are so interesting. The spiral design goes back to ancient times. These are what I would call your forever earrings.  I am very pleased with this design and I know you will be too. Great talking point when you wear them. These earrings will easily become your favorites. Gift box included. Free shipping in the U.S.

Elegant Teardrop Earrings


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Elegant teardrop earrings wirewrapped in brass wire. Handmade chain links and ear wire. Iridescent faceted glass beads complete this design. Earrings are approx. 2 1/2 inches long with a nice sparkle. Gift box included. Free shipping.

Copper Hoop Earrings, Teardrop


Add to CartCopper jewelry has been fashionable for centuries. This simplistic antique copper hoop earring teardrop style could probably have been worn a thousand years ago. I like making earrings completely by hand as it just adds to the overall design. I finish the earrings with natural bee and carnauba waxes. The smooth minimalist design makes it easy to wear everyday. Warm earth tones bring out the nature in you. Both ancient and modern, fashionable and affordable. Total earring length is approximately 2″. Gift box included.

Copper Earrings, Ancient Spiral

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Reminiscent of ancient times, these natural copper earrings are adorable. Eye catching dangles are sure to be a treasured favorite. Copper swirls create this unique pattern. Warm earth tones make these earrings easy to wear for any occasion. Copper jewelry has been popular for centuries. Step into time with this fashionable design. Earrings measure slightly over 2 inches long with contoured handmade ear wires. Earrings are finished with natural bee and carnauba waxes. Gift box included.

Copper Earrings, Blue Green Briolette

Antique copper wrapped blue green iridescent glass briolettes. Sparkly dangle faceted glass briolettes catch the light creating multi-colors of beauty. Handmade chased ear wires. Warm earth tones of copper make these earrings easy to wear with any outfit. Earrings are finished with bee and carnauba waxes. Earrings are approximately 3cm longs. Gift box included.


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Antique Copper Hoop Earrings


Add to CartRustic antique copper hoop earrings. Simplistic minimalist design. Easy to wear grab and go earrings. Copper earrings measure 1 1/2″ long. Hoops are about the size of a quarter. Light weight with chased handmade ear wires. Gift box included.

Brass Hoop Earrings, Textured Hoops, Hammered Brass


Add to CartLovely textured brass hoop earrings. You will absolutely love these earrings, hoops are slightly larger than a quarter which make these a great size. Hoops are hammered and textured for a rich warm look and feel. Handmade brass ear wires are formed to a fashionable style for a perfect fit. Made with care and much thought. I love hoop earrings, they are so easy to wear and always in style. Brass hoop earrings measure 5 1/2 cm, around 2 inches from ear wire to hoop end. These earrings are 100% handmade by designer Tracy Leibmann. Fast shipping. Gift box included.