Hand Forged Brass Teardrop Earrings


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I’ve always loved hand forged jewelry. There is something very natural and organic about it. This modern yet ancient style makes these earrings perfect for any occasion dressed up or down. I imagine I would be an artisan in any era. These are a classic design. They are glamorous and sway as you move.

These hand forged gold brass teardrop earrings are earthy, elegant and sophisticated.  Earrings measure 5.5 cm. (2.16 inches) from top of ear wires to bottom of drops. Brass teardrops are 1.5 inches long. The brass teardrops are hand cut and textured for an organic look and feel so each pair is unique. Handcrafted brass French ear wires finish this design. Earrings are lightweight and won’t weigh down your ears. Free shipping, gift box included.



  1. Thank you for joining the Fellowship on my blog page. I have just completed a very fast sweep of your shop and your work is lovely – really good. I look forward to shopping here soon. I will be back for a slouchy hat very soon! Stay in touch – comment on my blog whenever you can – this will draw other people to your pages – I have a very active comments section – much love.. c

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      1. Tracy if you want to, pop over again and leave your web page link (and a wee description) on the page called Our Cottage Industries. This is our brand new Village Shopping Center. We are collecting small businesses like your own so we can shop Local (kind of) c

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