Copper Bracelet, Persian Weave Chainmaille


This design is called a full Persian weave chainmaille bracelet. Each ring is hand formed and jeweler’s saw cut. The edges are individually smoothed and joined for a snag free wear. The links are then woven together to create this lovely design. The complete bracelet is then oxidized to create depth and highlights while adding multiple colors to the copper. This just means I sped up the antiquing process of the copper. I finish this bracelet with natural bee and carnauba waxes. The bracelet is made from a generous amount of solid copper wire approximately 30 grams. Fits from 7 1/2″ with adjusting links to 8″. Handmade hook clasp with spiral charm.

This is by far my favorite chainmaille design and also a challenging one.  It takes hours to make this bracelet from raw materials but the finished product is well worth the time. There’s a lot to be said about copper jewelry. Some say that copper helps pain in joints. That’s great if not only is it fashionable but also makes you feel good. I’m all for that.

I love the dark rich rustic earth tones of copper. It goes with any outfit and occasion with its natural woodsy color. Chainmaille jewelry has remained highly fashionable for centuries. The woven design makes this bracelet flexible and sturdy. Day or evening, you will enjoy wearing this beautiful bracelet. Gift box included.


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