Month: December 2016

Learning To Socialize Online

SocializingSo, I’m new to social media. I started my blog so I can share my stuff,  but also want to meet people and have interesting conversations. I started following some blogs I liked so I hope that’s a start. I also just started a twitter account by the same name. I only have a couple of tweets. I think I’m just tweeting to myself for now, or maybe the cat. I like being on the computer most of the time (okay all the time), but I’m working on my social skills. I hope the new year will bring new blogger friends and maybe with a little practice a new social life.


Basket Weave Headband, Turquoise



This basket weave head warmer keeps you snug and cozy spring, fall and winter. Now you can keep your ears warm from the chilly air with this headband. I’ve always found it difficult to find a decent headband anytime of the year, so I decided to make some of my own. The basket weave pattern is a closely woven wide design which covers your ears from the wind.

Usually in winter we ladies try to fight off the cold weather and can certainly use this accessory. This year, with this basket weave head warmer, we can add style to our head wear.

I actually wear mine in the spring, fall and winter. I wanted something that was feminine that I could feel comfortable wearing indoors and also nice enough to wear outdoors around town as well. I just love the snuggly feel of it.

Even though we wish summer was endless, you know that fall and winter are always not far behind. One more thing about headbands is they are always in fashion.