Month: December 2016

Sample Painting – Geisha Girl

Geisha GirlThis is a sample painting of a Geisha girl I did a while back. I always loved art and  painting. I believe I used acrylic on canvas paper.  It’s not an original, I think I used a stained glass template but freehanded the lines in black. So, she sits in my studio as a reminder that, art is in the eyes of the beholder. Anyway, I like her.

Learning To Socialize Online

SocializingSo, I’m new to social media. I started my blog so I can share my stuff,  but also want to meet people and have interesting conversations. I started following some blogs I liked so I hope that’s a start. I also just started a twitter account by the same name. I only have a couple of tweets. I think I’m just tweeting to myself for now, or maybe the cat. I like being on the computer most of the time (okay all the time), but I’m working on my social skills. I hope the new year will bring new blogger friends and maybe with a little practice a new social life.

Copper Bracelet, Persian Weave Chainmaille


This design is called a full Persian weave chainmaille bracelet. Each ring is hand formed and jeweler’s saw cut. The edges are individually smoothed and joined for a snag free wear. The links are then woven together to create this lovely design. The complete bracelet is then oxidized to create depth and highlights while adding multiple colors to the copper. This just means I sped up the antiquing process of the copper. I finish this bracelet with natural bee and carnauba waxes. The bracelet is made from a generous amount of solid copper wire approximately 30 grams. Fits from 7 1/2″ with adjusting links to 8″. Handmade hook clasp with spiral charm.

This is by far my favorite chainmaille design and also a challenging one.  It takes hours to make this bracelet from raw materials but the finished product is well worth the time. There’s a lot to be said about copper jewelry. Some say that copper helps pain in joints. That’s great if not only is it fashionable but also makes you feel good. I’m all for that.

I love the dark rich rustic earth tones of copper. It goes with any outfit and occasion with its natural woodsy color. Chainmaille jewelry has remained highly fashionable for centuries. The woven design makes this bracelet flexible and sturdy. Day or evening, you will enjoy wearing this beautiful bracelet. Gift box included.

Brass Open Spiral Earrings


Add to CartBrass open spiral earrings. Handcrafted brass spiral motifs on handmade ear wires. Open spirals are diamond textured. I call these my yin-yang earrings. Opposite yet interconnected so that one can fit opposite in the other. Cool huh? Chic earrings at an affordable price. Gift box included.

Hematite Brass Wire Hoop Earrings


Add to CartHematite stone brass wire hoop earrings. Hematite stone beads wrapped in brass wire make these cute earrings a great find. The brass wire, ear wires, bead wraps and attachment rings are completely handmade. I prefer to handcraft all of my jewelry components so I can assure the quality. I’ve been trying out some new styles and I really love these. The fine brass wire is delicate yet durable. Hematite is called the blood stone because of the red iron deposits. It’s been used in jewelry for centuries. As you can see from the handcrafted design, these earrings could have been worn a thousand years ago. That’s what I like about my style of jewelry. Earrings measure 1.5 inches long. Oh so pretty. Gift box included. Free Shipping.

Copper Brass Spiral Earrings


Add to CartHandmade ancient copper spirals on handcrafted brass ear wires. What can I say about these earrings. They are so interesting. The spiral design goes back to ancient times. These are what I would call your forever earrings.  I am very pleased with this design and I know you will be too. Great talking point when you wear them. These earrings will easily become your favorites. Gift box included. Free shipping in the U.S.

Elegant Teardrop Earrings


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Elegant teardrop earrings wirewrapped in brass wire. Handmade chain links and ear wire. Iridescent faceted glass beads complete this design. Earrings are approx. 2 1/2 inches long with a nice sparkle. Gift box included. Free shipping.

Copper Hoop Earrings, Teardrop


Add to CartCopper jewelry has been fashionable for centuries. This simplistic antique copper hoop earring teardrop style could probably have been worn a thousand years ago. I like making earrings completely by hand as it just adds to the overall design. I finish the earrings with natural bee and carnauba waxes. The smooth minimalist design makes it easy to wear everyday. Warm earth tones bring out the nature in you. Both ancient and modern, fashionable and affordable. Total earring length is approximately 2″. Gift box included.

Antique Copper Infinity Bracelet

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Handmade antique copper infinity bracelet. Adorable infinity bracelet is made from copper. Each link is individually formed to create this lovely infinity design. I finish the bracelet with natural bee and carnauba waxes. This bracelet has a handmade clasp and spiral charm. Copper jewelry is both ancient and modern giving you the best of both worlds and always in fashion. Warm earth tones and highlights add to the beauty of this unique design. Size 7 1/2 inches with extension links to 8 inches. Gift box included. Great for yourself or as a gift.

Copper Earrings, Ancient Spiral

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Reminiscent of ancient times, these natural copper earrings are adorable. Eye catching dangles are sure to be a treasured favorite. Copper swirls create this unique pattern. Warm earth tones make these earrings easy to wear for any occasion. Copper jewelry has been popular for centuries. Step into time with this fashionable design. Earrings measure slightly over 2 inches long with contoured handmade ear wires. Earrings are finished with natural bee and carnauba waxes. Gift box included.

Copper Chain Link Bracelet

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Antique copper chain link bracelet. Light weight chased and textured copper chain link bracelet. Bracelet fits 7 1/2 inches with swirl charm and handmade clasp. Copper links are formed individually and woven together to create this lovely design. Copper jewelry has been a fashion statement for centuries. This modern design with an ancient style is easy to wear with any outfit. Rich dark earth tones enhance the beauty of copper. Chain is finished with natural bee and carnauba waxes. Gift box included.

Copper Circle Statement Necklace


Add to CartThis is part of my new antique copper collection. The simplistic artistic design catches your attention. The focal pendant is made from solid textured copper with a handmade chain and clasp. Warm rich earth tones bring out the beauty of the copper. Circles have so much meaning from wholeness, infinity, completeness, eternity, protection and more. The circle is all around us and when you see a circle there is a feeling of wholeness. I love circular and geometric shapes and often have them in my jewelry designs. It’s very organic by nature.

This statement necklace can go with any outfit. It’s length makes it easy to wear and the rich copper color allows you to feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. The necklace measures 18 1/2″ including focal pendant which is 3.5 inch circumference. The necklace is finished with natural bee and carnauba waxes. Gift box included.

Copper Earrings, Blue Green Briolette

Antique copper wrapped blue green iridescent glass briolettes. Sparkly dangle faceted glass briolettes catch the light creating multi-colors of beauty. Handmade chased ear wires. Warm earth tones of copper make these earrings easy to wear with any outfit. Earrings are finished with bee and carnauba waxes. Earrings are approximately 3cm longs. Gift box included.


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Navigating Through Pinterest

pinterest boardI’m just learning how to use Pinterest. Yes, it’s just pinning pictures to my pinterest boards, but it’s much more than that if you want to get your name out there. There are millions of pictures of everything under the sun and everyone vying for attention. It’s like walking through a maze. I can see how easy it is to get stuck browsing for hours.

After several attempts, I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Basket Weave Headband, Turquoise



This basket weave head warmer keeps you snug and cozy spring, fall and winter. Now you can keep your ears warm from the chilly air with this headband. I’ve always found it difficult to find a decent headband anytime of the year, so I decided to make some of my own. The basket weave pattern is a closely woven wide design which covers your ears from the wind.

Usually in winter we ladies try to fight off the cold weather and can certainly use this accessory. This year, with this basket weave head warmer, we can add style to our head wear.

I actually wear mine in the spring, fall and winter. I wanted something that was feminine that I could feel comfortable wearing indoors and also nice enough to wear outdoors around town as well. I just love the snuggly feel of it.

Even though we wish summer was endless, you know that fall and winter are always not far behind. One more thing about headbands is they are always in fashion.